What We Provide!

  • SI to VVS clarity
  • Specialized for all shapes, size and clarity in any bulk quantity in CVD Diamond
  • D to N color available
  • 0.8mm/0.0025ct to 10.25mm/4.16ct Size available in Round shape
  • GIA/IGI Certificate available on request.
  • Own Manufactured Best Quality CVD/HPHT Loose Polished Diamond
  • Very Good and Excellent cut only through well trained polishing team.
  • All Fancy shapes available and option to customize quickly.


Hara Diamond, one of the leading supplier, exporter, and wholesaler of Lab Grown / Synthetic polished Diamonds. Our mentors and motivators are our elders who been in to Diamond manufacturing business since 25 years involving in natural diamond polishing and trading. Also major supplier of Optics and Parts for Diamond cutting & marking Laser machineries with brand name of Jwalin Laser Technology. We are here to approach Hara Diamond, brand with Integrity and Reliance for only segment of pure & best quality Lab Grown polished diamonds trading.

We have a state of the art diamond polishing factory with latest technology and equipment in Surat, Gujarat India. Our master diamond cutters have years of experience to cut and polish rough stones into beautiful and sparkling Lab Gown Polished Diamonds. We are ready to serve any demand of customer in matter of size, cut, clarity and any quantity instantly. Our major valuable customers are from USA, China and UAE.

By joining hands with us, you are not only doing business but also you are doing financial contribution in society for noble cause. We are dedicated and bound ethically to share our revenue with Smit Foundation which is NGO, work for awareness and treatment of special child who suffer from Cerebral Palsy (permanent movement disorders that appear in early childhood).

About Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab Created Natural
Chemical Composition C C
Refractive Index 2.42 2.42
Dispersion 0.044 0.044
Hardness 10 10
Density 3.52 3.52
Lab Created Natural
Lab Created Mined
ZRO2 SIC AI203 Y3AI5012
2.2 2.65 1.77 1.83
0.066 0.104 0.018 0.028
8.25 9.25 9 8.25
5.7 3.21 3.97 4.6

The following combination of techniques are most commonly used by laboratories:

High-pressure High-temperature (HPHT)

High-Pressure High-Temperature, or HPHT, recreates a diamond's Natural growing environment found deep within the Earth. The growth cell contains all the elements needed to grow a diamond, including a seed, highly refined graphite and a catalyst mixture consisting of metals and powders. This process takes place over several days and allows the carbon atoms to build upon the seed. The cell is removed from the HPHT machine once the growth cycle is complete. The new rough diamond is extracted and cleaned in preparation for final cutting and polishing.

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)

The CVD process uses ultra-pure carbon-rich gasses in a controlled chamber. Carbon based gasses, such as methane, are heated until they break apart allowing the carbon atoms within the gas to separate. These tiny carbon atoms fall onto a diamond substrate and build up layers resulting in a rough diamond crystal. This process takes between six to ten weeks and yields gem-grade, Type lla diamonds.


Why Hara Diamond?

Affordable for all Class

Affordable for all Class

Lab-grown diamonds are 30 to 40 % less expensive than mined diamonds. An increased number of the new generation is embracing this ethical choice as they are bigger, better and value for money.

Eco friendly & Conflict free

Eco friendly & Conflict free

Hara diamonds have no carbon emission, and cause no damage to the surface of the Earth. Our grown diamonds are environmentally friendly and have no negative ecological impact. No lives have ever been lost or wars funded to bring this beautiful gemstone to you.

Type IIA

Type IIA

Mined Diamonds are essentially composed of pure carbon. But many diamonds contain traces of impurities such as nitrogen or boron, acquired during the course of formation. Those diamonds that contain little or no impurities are Type IIA diamonds. Less than 2% of mined diamonds are Type IIA and hence are the purest & rarest form of diamonds. All our colorless Lab grown diamonds are Type IIA.

Direct Connection

Direct Connection

Hara diamonds are the sum of our integrity and shared knowledge. When you purchase a diamond from us, you receive it directly from us the producer. There are no intermediaries and no risks.

Consistent and Sustainable Supply

Consistent and Sustainable Supply

We are a one-stop shop for lab created diamonds and offer all sizes, shapes, colors & clarities. Our huge & high tech infrastructure and stock inventory allows us to offer guaranteed, fully assorted or mix loose diamond stock for our retail & wholesale partners.

Exports in Major Countries

Exports in Major Countries

We are exporting our diamond in all major countries like USA, Canada, UK, China, Russia, Belgium, UAE etc.

The 4C'S

Just like mined diamonds, every grown diamond is examined by expert gemologists to provide the most rigorous assessment of the four Cs.



Cut measures workmanship. The cut is what reflects luminous light, brightness, dispersion, contrast and scintillation. Precision craftsmanship in our master studio assure Super Ideal cut.



A diamond’s radiance is from its flawlessness. Clarity measures diamond flaws, called inclusions, which might appear as tiny spots, clouds, or cavities.



Colorlessness is a quality. Color is graded by letters ranging from D to Z, starting with D for most rare & colorless diamonds.



Carat is a weight and size measurement. A 1-carat diamond weighs 200 milligrams. But there’s no ideal size for a diamond. It depends on budget and taste. Small diamonds are less expensive than larger diamonds.

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